What I Use to Run a 6-Figure Internet Marketing Business

Maybe I could spit out the 5 names of software that I use in 2 minutes, but would it really change your life?

Because these software programs may not be right for you.

You may already be using something that works.

You go try out whatever it is that I use and you say “I just don’t like the way that it works.”

I’ve tried out a lot of other things in the past, lots of people use it, but I don’t like it.  It doesn’t fit me.

Since I’m an entrepreneur 1st, and a complex technical person, I was going to say 2nd, but like 8th or 10th.  It’s important to me that my software supports my lifestyle.  My software supports my business.  I don’t base my business on my software.

Let’s just say that Infusionsoft went out of business tomorrow.  My business doesn’t change very much.  Because I’m not basing my business on the way Infusionsoft runs their queuing.  I can switch to GetResponse tomorrow.  In fact, I have an Aweber, GetResponse, and Infusionsoft account.

And I have subscribers in all 3 places.

If Aweber went out of business tomorrow, if Aweber told me that they don’t want my money anymore, it doesn’t make much of a difference.  Because I’m not married to their complexity.

If the software that I use for split testing goes out of business tomorrow, it doesn’t really matter.

Because I’ll just find something else that plugs in.  When your business becomes dependent on the software you use, it’s not necessarily your business anymore.

You may legally own it.  You may collect all the revenues from it.  But if your business would go down the drain, and totally fall apart, if some piece of software stopped working, that’s a red flag.

If the theme that you use for your website stopped working today, would you be out of business for more than 24 hours?  If you would, I believe you’re running the wrong theme.  I know that sounds crazy.  But I believe it to be the case.

Let’s talk about what I use.

Split Testing for Sales Pages and for Squeeze Pages

I use … drumroll …

By the way before I tell you what it is, there’s a hundred of them out there that you could use.  You can also do ALL of this in Google Analytics.  You say “Well, why don’t you use it?”  Because I just find, personally, that Google Analytics is really confusing for me if I try to make a big old funnel.

I just find that’s confusing for me.

If you love to do that, GREAT!  I find it so much easier to just make a monthly payment to the folks over at Visual Website Optimizer.

It takes me about 1 minute to set up a split test.  And I get all the data that I need whenever I want it.  It runs really fast.  And, I like it.  Some would say it’s overpriced for what you get  because there’s $5 / month software out there that will split test for you.  Yup.  I just really love the software.  I would recommend that if you’re not happy with your current split testing software, give them a try for a month.  If you don’t like it?  Go somewhere else.  If you’re already using something you like, you don’t need it!

That’s split testing software for me.  Visual Website Optimizer.

Traffic Tracking

I do use Google Analytics for knowing how many people are going to a certain page.

If I want to look at the overall picture for my business from a traffic perspective, I use Google Analytics for that.

You might say “Why don’t you use something that’s more complex? Like ClickHere or ClickTale, or others that are really complex like that?”

Because I find that for me Google Analytics is one piece of code, put on every page, and it does everything for me.  I don’t have to tell it what to do. I don’t have to help it out.  I really understand the dashboard.  For JUST traffic.

So I’m using the part of Google Analytics that really works for me.

I’m using the part of Visual Website Optimizer that really works for me.

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