Your Next Hoop!


From: Sean Mize

To: Serious Players:

Welcome back after the long weekend!

My guess is one of two things has happened over the weekend:

Perhaps you've thought more about building your non-im business and you've thought, this is going to be tough, this is going to be risking, this might not be for me, and I'm not willing to commit right now.

And that's okay, we can consider the "time" over the long weekend as the 3rd hoop.

Let me explain, if it's okay . . .

My experience in this business is that many people want success, many people want to build that big business . . . but few are able to stick with it.

And my experience in the past has been that folks buy training, get excited about doing things, when they are excited . . . and when the excitement wears off, they slack off and don't get results.

You see, results come after laying a foundation, doing the steps right (in this case, getting self-improvement/life transformation/faith niche visitors who need help, offering them training (whether you create it or it's an affiliate product) that meets their needs, and writing a 21 day or more email campaign to fully help your new subscribers (and make money, cause without the money it would be hard to put as much effort into it).

And frankly speaking, most people won't do the work.

And when things get tough (AND THEY WILL) they quit.

They get distracted, they can't control their focus, they work on the wrong things and won't humble themselves to be told what to ignore . . . and they fail.

Not because the model doesn't work - plenty of people make a full time income in the self-improvement/life transformation/faith niches.

But because they don't hang in there through thick and thin and make it happen.

And you probably remember, that was the whole point of the "hoops" - to flush out those who just aren't going to be successful.

So . . . . if that's you, if you aren't as excited as you were before the weekend, that's actually a good thing . . . because you won't be getting involved in something that's going to be hard work, more hard work, discipline, focus, and being pushed by me!


Now, if you are still reading, I consider you having made it through the "3rd hoop"

One client called himself a "hooper" and I loved it!

So, fellow hoopers -

I'd love to share some thoughts.

Now, I've already made a big deal about the work involved.

And more than the work, cause the work is pretty straightforward: buy visitors, build a platform to get more free visitors, create or find affiliate products to sell to your subscribers, and send an email every day like I do.

Invest $2 or so per subscriber, take in $1o or so per subscriber.

The first month might be $4 a subscriber, or less.

The second month maybe $6 per subscriber.

And growing till you maximize your revenue (and by extension, if you maximize your revenue, you should be maximizing the value you give your buyers, your followers).

And speaking of followers, that's what you are looking for, right?

You don't just want "buyers," people who "buy" your training and maybe, maybe not change their life from it.

You want to find followers, people whose lives you can really change, right?

You want to find people who WANT to change their lives, and they are willing to invest in you to help them.


Now, it's important to remember, at all times, BOTH sides of the equation:

1) changing lives. Everything you do must be to change lives. Every product, every email, anything you do is to change lives. You must think, first and foremost, how can I change the most lives.

2) The monetization goes along with it. Now, the money is NOT first. It's joint. If a percentage of people are not paying you for your life changing training and help, then 2 things occur: 1) you cannot continue to work for free, so you cannot help as many people. You MUST make a profit in order to stay in business so that you can help the MOST amount of people. You see, you might be able to help 10 people a week, part time in the evening after you finish your day job. But if you want to help 10,000 people or a million people - you MUST get paid so that you can afford to NOT have the day job. 2) If no one is paying, then you are never asking for skin in the game. If no one invests, rarely will anyone make life changing changes in their lives.

One of the things we've talked about with this project, with me creating a small class where folks can learn together, mastermind together, do mailings for each other, share lead sources, offer your products as affiliate products to each other, and so on, is that if we made it available to EVERYONE, then the quality of the interaction in the group would be really bad.

But if there are some "hoops" as we've been doing! then it weeds out those who aren't serious. And if you are going to band together and work with folks who want the same thing you do, if they haven't invested, they aren't likely as serious as you are. But if everyone has invested something that has real value, then you know that everyone else in the group has made the same investment, and is serious like you are.

Imagine going to a dinner and a training where the entrance fee was $25,000.

Now, there is no food nor training worth $25,000, right?

But think about this:

If you are one of 100 people there who paid $25,000 - what do you know that you know:

Everyone in that room a) has the ability to afford $25,000 for dinner and a training - and it's not their last penny!

and b) everyone in that room values something about being there that is worth $25,000!

There's something powerful about a limiting price point!

Now, I can tell you this, working with me is not going to be $25,000 - and for one big reason:

I want this class to be accessable without making it so that everyone can get in.

YOU want this to be accessable (read: a reasonable investment) that means that anyone else in the group is ready and willing and able to work the way you will.

Now, I've asked a lot of questions over the last few days.

And there have been so many responses that the first couple of days I must have read and answered well over a hundred emails!

And the last couple of days, I just had to check out, and take some time with my family for the long weekend, and I'm hoping that sometime today I can dig deep and keep reading, cause I love knowing what folks are wanting to work on.

And what I am hearing is that most of you want to do the following:


You have a dream in some niche related to helping others/life transformation/spirituality/health and some other close ones.

You don't just want to sell something, you want to change lives.

In fact, that was one of the most exciting things as I was reading all the emails, is I didn't see much greed, instead I saw that you want to change the world, you just want to get paid reasonably for it.


And you like the idea of being able to pull together a group of like-minded people who want what you want, to be able to mastermind and brainstorm and share lead sources, and get to know each other, to form a bond with people who are like you online.


You see, one of the things that I know is that most people in your offline world just don't understand what you are doing online.

They don't understand how it works, you can't talk with them about it, right?

You get that "deer in the headlights" look when you talk about $6 a sub or $10 a sub or if you talk about changing the world, frankly people get jealous and think, you are getting too big for your britches with all this change the world mumbo jumbo.


But imagine if you could be a part of a group where everyone wants to change the world, where folks are creating training that will change lives, where everyone is writing an email a day, where folks can share their daily email with the group for comments or criticism.

Where you buy a mailing of 1000 visits and get 300 subscribers and then you make 10 sales and then everyone in the group does the same thing, and then everyone in the group is willing to mail for each other person, and you get exposure to everyone's bought visits, instead of just the ones you bought.

Imagine being able to set up some private jv giveaways where you and 10 others band together and each agree to send 500 visits to the giveaway and there are 5000 visits all together and your gift gets downloaded 20% of the time, and you get 1000 leads for sending 500 visits.

Would YOU be willing to help set something up like that?

Would YOU be willing to help put together the forum where folks can submit their daily emails so others can critique and help others.

Would YOU be willing to help put together a sales letter forum where members can post their in-progress sales letters for comments and critique and suggestions from other members?

If you join a group like this, would you be willing to help it happen, help it run, by volunteering for one task that will help others?

And when 30 or 50 people all do that, each person contributing 15 minutes a day, that's 7-10 hours of work from everyone combined everyday!

And would you be willing to help comment and critique for 15 minutes a day, to help others get ahead faster?

And at the same time, folks are helping and critiqueing you?

Would that be helpful, would that change your world by really allowing you to grow fast, and to grow fast by linking up with others who want to do the same thing as you?

One of the complaints I hear about the industry is that it's a "good ole boys world"

And in some ways it is - folks who have been around for a long time hobnobbing and helping each other, promoting each others' launches and so on.

And you can't break in, cause you only have 500 or 1000 subscribers.

But imagine if you could start working with 30 or 50 other people who each will have 500 -1000 subscribers the first month, so 15,000 - 50,000 in combined lists and everyone is sharing lead sources and willing to mail for each other (and of course, like an Ayn Rand Galt's Gulch, you'll pay each other a reasonable and fair price for each mailing, and so on)

How fast could you grow if you could do that?


So I have decided I'll do it - I'll create a mastermind group of folks who want to work together to build their future in a non-im self-improvement/life transformation/faith niche.

Now, you've told me that you would want it to be closed to people who have not jumped through the hoops. You've told me that you want it closed so that we know that the folks who are in the group will participate and help others.

And by the way, let me say this, please: if you promise to GIVE in the group more than you get, and everyone does that, you will be AMAZED at how much you GET in the group.

Are you willing to GIVE in the group more than you get?

Now, by the way, I've only talked about the group aspect.

Layered on top of that, I'm going to teach you what to do and how to do it to build your non-im self-improvement/life transformation/faith niche business.

I'm going to give you step by step directions to buying self-help style traffic, for creating and promoting your giveaway, for creating your content platform (yes, a content platform so you can leverage your paid subscribers to get free subscribers too), for creating products to sell, writing the sales letters, and writing the email campaign.

And I'm going to share with you a master list of places to buy solo ads, complete with your recommendations, and a master list of products you can promote to your lists (since you won't likely be able to create enough new products the first few months to meet buying demand on your list) and each of you are going to share with each other your own products to promote, for a commission of course.


How does all this sound?


If you like this, call it the next hoop.

I would call it the final hoop.

But if you can think of each step: getting subscribers, creating products, writing sales letters, finding affiliate products to promote, promoting each others' products, and so on, each as a hoop - and just jump through each hoop, you will be amazed at how fast you can grow your business.


Now, let's talk about the 2nd elephant in the room, and that is the entrance fee to get into the mastermind/group.

Here's the thing, some folks indicated they may be willing to invest as much as $1000 to possibly $5000 to get into an ultra-exclusive group.

And I estimate that about 15-20 people would enroll at that level.

And frankly speaking, if I were just in this for the money . . . $100k for this group would be the most lucrative, wouldn't it?

But . . . I'm not.

Sure, I want to make a profit.

Just like when you sell your trainings and make $10 a sub, you want to make a profit.

But . . . I want this to be something that 30-50 people can get into.

For two reasons: 1) I don't want to just change 15 lives this month. I want to change more than that, and I believe that at this level, I can impact 50 or so people. I want to change more lives, and $5000 would limit the lives I could change.

and 2) There will be TONS more cross- promotion and idea-spreading and sharing, all the things you've been asking me for in this group - with more people. I think 100 would be too many. But I think 30-50 would be big enough to create some traction and some rapport, and small enough so that everyone can get to know each other.

Now, I'll tell you about the low end of the pricing that I considered - all the way down to $100.

But the problem with $100 is that almost everyone will enroll - there would be an easy 100 people in the program and let's face it, because of the low barrier to entry, half of them wouldn't be serious.

And based on what you've told me, you want to work with serious people, right?

Also, it's imperative that folks are willing to invest $500 - $1000 in visitors the first month to get going, and be willing to re-invest their first months' income to continue to leverage and grow.

And at a lower investment, many people would just invest their last $$ and then they couldn't grow the business, and if that's the case, then the quality of the group will just be weak.

So . . . with much prayer and thought and consternation, I've decided that the ideal price that will serve as a reasonable hoop so that folks won't get involved unless they are serious, but is low enough that if someone has the ability to invest, they can still invest in visitors and such is $500.

Now, I KNOW that feels like a lot for some folks.

And, as lovingly as I can say it: if you are thinking, I just can't afford $500 right now, then frankly this opportunity isn't for you.

You see, if $500 is your last $500, then you can't invest $500 to $1000 in visitors this month.

And if you can't do that, you won't be able to build at the same pace as I want to take the others through.

I hope you understand, cause I don't want to lose a single friend over the price :-)

Now, to those of you who can afford it, but are thinking, is it really worth it?

I don't even want to begin to try to persuade you!

We've talked a lot about hoops, and we've talked a lot about having everyone in the group really WANT to build their business and work with others who are similarly invested.

And at this point, if you join, I want you to join because you really want to.

Because you want to change your life, and start changing others' lives, and you really want to work with 30-50 people who are all on your page - they want to help others too.

So if you aren't ready to get in . . . that's okay.

But if you are ready and you are ready to get to work and start taking things in your busines to the next level, masterminding and networking with a group of like-minded folks, you should know that these slots are on a first-come first-served basis:

Join Now on a First-Come First-Served Basis


I'm excited about working with you and with the entire group to initiate great things, build new relationships - and might I dare say it - create our own "good ole'boys AND GIRLS club" in the self-help/life transformation/spirituality/health niches!

Till the next step,