Announcing the Group Mastermind and Non-IM Niche Starter Training!


From: Sean Mize

To: Serious Players:

Over the course of the last few days, in chatting with dozens of "hoopers" I have decided to offer a group mastermind that will connect you with others who want to do the type of thing you want to do and who want to work together with others for accountability, for ideas, and plainly put, to motivate each other.

Here's what some of you have said (and these responses are very, very typical, you might see yours in here, or know that what you actually wrote me was very similar):


It's clear that I cannot have the same success doing this by myself or aligning with a pseudo mastermind group (one that is too scattered in purpose and objectives). I think having a group that is just focused on a single broad niche is brilliant. Lots of great things can come of this!

I'm excited!

Best, Eve


Gail wrote me:

the biggest thing that would make a difference and allow me to go to the next level would probably be another person.

there are so many pieces and moving objects in this online biz, that having another pair of eyes, another person to share some of the tasks, another person to keep on track, would be what would allow me to move to next level.

Right now, every 'step' takes an incredible amount of time, and since I'm both producer and Q & A, things get by me. or while trying to research something or figure out a work around to a problem, I can easily be distracted. so having another person to help keep on the correct road also.

Julia says:

A supportive environment accelerates the process. Having a group to bounce ideas of of, talk things through, cheer you on, try things out before the whole world sees them, that would be great! I've been a part of a few groups where there's not enough activity, people don't step up and become a part of the process, outside of the group leaders, so a “safe space” where everyone felt like they could be a part of the process would no doubt, be a good thing.

Judit says: With a group working together it will help all of us to learn more, take action easier and ultimately have a bigger influence.

Mark says:

I find that it is useful to have input from others (see things I don’t see or that I miss). There also is a certain energy created when same-minded individuals come together. Having you at the helm live adds vision and clarity.


The thing I keep hearing over and over again is that having a group that's working together will make a HUGE difference - and perhaps THE difference in actually implementing your dreams and goals!

Here's the thing, my guess is that you probably know the basic steps to accomplishing what you want to - with or without solo ads, giveaways, facebook ads, etc.

You probably know you can create a content platform pretty fast that begins to get viral traction.

And you probably know how to get basic targeted traffic in your niche.

You likely know how to create products and write a basic sales letter, and how to write a daily email.

And if you don't I'm going to include training to teach you those things.


But from what I am seeing and hearing, there are 3 big issues that are holding folks back:

1) A difficult time staying focused on your big goal. You know what you want to accomplish, but when it doesn't happen fast enough, you jump over to something else.

2) You are struggling to work in a vacuum. Excepting people who are working together as a team with their husband or wife, your spouse doesn't understand your business, and can't look at sales copy or emails and give you any ideas. Nothing against their person, but they aren't in your business, just like if they are a surgeon, an attorney, or a ceo, you probably can't do their job either!

3) You need accountability, someone asking you, are you on track.

And maybe one more - you just need someone to bounce ideas off of!

Maybe you only have 2 out of the 3. But you are probably pretty close to that list, that's what I'm hearing and seeing.

And let's face it, the problem with most groups in the past is that they are open to so many people that you can't really get the kind of help and support you need. Because there are too many non-serious people in the "forum" just posting nonsense and not any help at all.

And this one will be different because I'm screening folks as they come in, plus the price is high enough that it will keep out the lookers, tire-kickers, and nonsense-posters.

But my guess is that if you had a group of dedicated folks who were willing to glance at your sales page and tell you their initial thought, notice mispellings, and tell you what they think is missing (or is too much), then you could move much faster because you could stop second - guessing what you are doing. If 5 people in the group give you feedback, you make the changes, and it looks better, you are going to be much more confident about sending out that offer, right?

Now, if this is going to work, you've got to be willing to help others out too - So . . . are you willing to spend 15 minutes a day taking a look at your colleagues work in exchange for knowing that others will be spending time looking at yours?

And you've got to be willing to work hard, but that is a given with you - you are determined to make this work, and you are ready to give it your all, right?

Also, how would it feel if you could post in an ultra-private group only available to folks who have invested enough to separate the hopers from the doers, what your goal is for the year, for the month, for the week, and folks hold you accountable?

Folks are expecting you to post that sales letter by the end of the week, folks are expecting you to get 2o0 subscribers on your list and report on it by the end of the week.

Would that make a difference, knowing others care about you and are willing to call you on inaction?

Now, like I said, this is a group. So everyone has to participate, and by keeping it small and keeping it exclusive, there won't be anyone in there that's not serious, that's wasting their time posting silly things.

And you have to be willing to help others - that's the only way it will work!


Now, the way I envision it operating is that I'll post "steps" - what needs to be done to get the success you want.

And then you commit to doing that step. And as you do that step, you post the results of that step. And as a group, you develop a comraderie that laughs with each other, that inspires each other, that pushes each other.

PLUS - I'll hold several live conference calls where YOU can participate, ask me questions personally, and of course get my personal guidance for YOU in YOUR NICHE.

PLUS - since there will be a group of people, all working in the self help/personal transformation/health/spirituality niches, you have a ready-made base of folks who can mail to their lists for you (on an affiliate basis, they get paid for sales, so they are motivated) and of course you are mailing for others.

This will do 2 things:

1) It will give you access to a group of folks in your niche area that can help you promote and get tractoin

2) It will give you more to promote to your own lists. When you are getting started, it is hard to fully monetize a new list just with your products when you only have 2-3 products!

And although I am going to discourage blatant and excessive promotion, if a fellow member finds someone else's affiliate product that is converting well for them, they can share it with the group (of course, if this gets out of hand, we'll disable that function)


Now, there are so many other benefits to having a group of like-minded folks working together to achieve goals, guided by me, and self-moderated (because it's so exclusive I know everyone will be good!!!) but you probably know deep down inside what having a group of like-minded people with whom you can brainstorm, take a look at sales letters, ideas for products, and so on would mean for you.

This is what some of you have said would be the best part about working with a group of like-minded folks to build your non-im niche business:

Best part: being able to discuss upcoming challenges and network

Celia: Yes, closed door to keep the energy high for people who are focussed on what they are doing so they can move forward faster. If we are more on the same level, we can move forward as a team rather than get held back teaching the less able people. Others can be taught on another occasion - maybe a beginners class once you have the proof of the results.

Johnny: to see and share experiences and results together

Gail: like minded people, who can build you up when down, hold you accountable, could be future partners, can share experiences, so you can avoid pitfalls. can lend assistance in areas you are having a harder time.

Syllviea: Masterminding with group members and jv potentials.

Serena says:

Group accountability and the ability to stay on track and stay motivated to continue is the single biggest value I see in belonging to this group.

There are many, many more . . . but you can see how many benefits there are to working with others!


Now, let's talk about the price . . . .

Just about everyone indicated that they would rather have a closed door group that has some level of exclusivity so that everyone is serious about building their business, and helping others, and being genuinely helped by others.

And I've wrestled with a price point that will do just that: high enough to keep out the lookers, tire kickers, and people who will not be serious in the group but low enough so that if someone is serious, they can get in and do it.

Now, one of the things I've thought about is that if someone comes in and invests a $100 or so and it's out of their last $200 and they don't have the money to buy some solo ads and they don't have the money to buy software when they need it (like a professional wordpress theme), they are just going to go back to buying every little low priced shiny object that comes along because they aren't serious, then half the group won't be helping you out - they'll be bailing out, not doing the work, and not serious when they help you.

So I thought, Ok, what does someone really need to invest to get this going right?

And I was thinking, okay, over a month or two, $1000 or so in solo ads (and can leverage that to add more)

And let's call it $300 in hard costs, like a theme, and sales letter or graphic help, and so on.

And not be back-against-the-wall and can spend another couple hundred on something if they need to.

So we're up to $1500 or so

And I thought, what's the price that that person can afford, but the person who can't spend $1500 to get up and running can't afford, and I kept hitting on $500 - $1000.

$1000 would do it - it would weed out the non-serious for sure.

But it would also take total investment up to $2,500 and frankly, I really want to see folks get in and get going for less than $2,000.

So I kept backing off, and I've settled on $500 as being a price that if someone is on their last dollar opportunity, they won't jump in and muddle up the group.

And if someone invests $500, then they are quite serious - they've invested in, they are willing to work hard.

And here's the best part: if the others in the group have invested $500, and you know that everyone in the group invested $500, then you'll feel more confident working with those folks, right?

You'll know that just like you, they have skin in the game.

So I really believe that if it were priced much less than $500 the average group wouldn't be as exclusive nor as serious.

And of course, the higher it is the fewer in the group, and I'd love to see 20-30 so that there can be some real energy in there.

So . . . if you like all this so far, and you want to be a part of an amazing group of likeminded people, and you like the idea that the group will be exclusive based on the $500 entrance fee . . . . you can get started here: Join Now on a First-Come First-Served Basis

Or if the $500 is going to be your last $500 and you won't be able to do the work, this just isn't for you.

I know that you may really want in, but the truth of the matter is this: it's going to take a lot more than just hard work and an entry ticket to build your business - you'll NEED to invest more than $500!

Or if perhaps you just don't feel like $500 is a good investment for a group like this - then frankly speaking, this group isn't right for you!

But if you are ready to take the leap, you can afford to invest $1500 or so in your business itself, and you want access to this special group, here is the link to enroll:

Join Now on a First-Come First-Served Basis


If you choose to join, I'm exciting about working with you to guide you to your dream and to guide you to build an amazing business that changes lives!