The Business Model . . .


From: Sean Mize

To: Serious Players:

You are receiving this because you took action on the 1st hoop, you trusted me to help you and wanted to use the 1st hoop to express interest in me doing a class to help share these ideas -

And this is part of the "hoop" process - just reading this is moving you closer to where you want to go!

And of course, there will be more hoops -

And something about hoops - some folks have expressed a dislike or confusion about the hoops process - something like, I don't understand

So I want to share 2 things:

1) I've been reading the personal answers to the questions in the 1st hoop (and if you haven't answered those, PLEASE do it - it will help you just in answering them!!!) and what I am realizing is how BIG your goals are, as a group.

I'm amazed at how many people want to make a HUGE contribution to the world - like impact 100,000 people or a million people or more! That is totally exciting!

But what strikes me is that for most of you, I didn't know that about you. For all the money that perhaps you have invested, the training you've gotten from me, if I get 100 optins and people answer questions - YOU are 5% and 95% have tiny little goals and tiny little budgets and tiny little dreams. And it's easy (I'm human, too, as you know, I think like one too) - it's so easy to see that and think, ok, the average person on my list needs to figure out how to get 100 visits to their homepage so they can make $100 so they can feel like they are contributing to their family and very easily miss those of you (the 5% who truly want to make an incredible contribution and need the big picture, you need the ability to brainstorm with others just like you)

And if I had NOT done the $20 first hoop - I would have probably gotten 300-400 subscribers and they would have sent 200 answers and most of them would have been whiny, I can't do it, can you inspire me to want to do it, blah, blah, blah,

And those are the same answers that make me want to get OUT of teaching folks how to do this!

But by having just a $20 hoop, almost every person who responded, has big dreams, and there has been NO WHINING!!!!


I'm totally stoked.

Now, there's something else - and by the way, I told you there would be more than 1 hoop - and this is the 2nd full hoop (the questions were part of the 1st hoop)

and that is think about this:

If I do a class to teach all this (and I may or may not do that, and of course that will be a hoop), if a hold a class to teach all this, and I work with folks personally, giving you ideas that are unique to YOU so that YOU can take super-action -

one of the things I mentioned I would want to do is create some kind of group where you can interact.

And one person asked me to please NOT make it a facebook group, cause of his bad experience, could I make it like a forum, a closed group

And I told him, I'm NOT going to make it a facebook group - and here's why (I didn't tell him this exactly): because even if the only people in the fb group are the 50 serious people (or less) then because the context in fb is one of distraction - just hanging out in the fb group will make you feel distracted and you won't be as successful!

But if I create a new site with a new closed forum that looks like nothing you've seen before, you can attach new meaning to working there, you can make it positive and productive.


Now that leads me to the 2nd thing about hoops:

2) Imagine if I did a class and opened up the closed group to all 500 people who would want to come in if there were no hoops and no price tag - and all the wasted, useless, whiny, not-helpful posts that would happen in the group

Contrast that to this: only 20-50 people are invited into the class, and EVERYONE who is in the class not only has BIG DREAMS (like you) but also is willing to WORK HARD and build a legendary level of contribution to the world -

What will be the quality of the interaction, knowing that EVERY PERSON in the group has jumped through a few hoops and you know that they are serious?

Hence . . . hoops!


Ok, lets' get into the model:


I'm not going to go into all the details about funnels and how they work - you should already know the basics, if you don't, that is a disqualifying anti-hoop !!!

The idea is that if someone comes onto your list, they are going to be exposed to 5 - 10 offers over the next 30 days, in addition to 10-15 content emails that really build trust with you.

And if 100 people come onto your list, and each get 15 sales emails, that's 1500 sales emails in 30 days to 100 people.

If you get a 10% click rate (you should get higher the first 30 days) you get 150 clicks, and if you get 10% conversion rate, you get 15 sales.

And if the average sale is $20, then you make $300.

At 100 subscribers, that is $3 per subscriber.

Now, that's not counting your first day OTO sales - say 10% convert to $20 - another $200

So a total of $500 on 100 subscribers (or leads, I will occasionally use the vernacular "leads" when refering to subscribers [which I may also call "subs])

So $5 per sub

Let's say it costs you $2 to get a subscriber

That's $200 for 100 subs

That's $500 in revenue

That's a 250% ROI

That's $2.5 out for every $1 in.

Imagine 1000 subs

$2000 in

$5000 out

that's month one

Month 2, you reinvest $2000 out of the $5000

to make a new $3000

BUT remember - your 1000 subs will spend more with you (if you send additional offers, and by the way, these can be affiliate offers, not just self-created offers)

Let's say that's $2 per sub


so month 2 expenses are $2000- but revenue is $7000

(and yes, note I'm talking advertising expenses, you'll have other expenses like hosting, autoresponder, merchant services, training, etc.)

So you can begin to see the funnel snowball


That's the funnel overview

And the pricing frame



So what are the big roadblocks to this?

Most people would say 3 or so of these things:

1) Time

2) Money

3) Don't have the products

4) Don't know how to get the "traffic"


Now, in reality, time is a non-issue, if someone is truly motivated.

They will MAKE the time.

In fact, if you are reading this, you have made it through the 1st hoop, which means you probably are willing to MAKE the time, no matter what.

Money: Once again, the 1st hoop weeded out people who can't or won't invest to get started. If someone is dead broke and wants to do this, do you want to know what I tell them?

Ok, hold yourself:

"You are not ready to build a real business. Go get a job at McDonalds for 20 hours a week and put your $200 a week paycheck in the bank for one year, and you will have $10,000 to invest."

Ponder that for a few minutes, if you need to.

I'm serious.,

Real serious.

That's not you.

That's the BIGGEST reason for the $20 hoop :-)

By the way, someone doesn't have to start with $2000 in traffic.

Let's say you start with $500 the first month and turn it into $1000.

Next month, you don't take anything out, and invest $1000 and turn it into $2000.

Then the 3rd month, you are now up to $2000 to invest.

Now, the next thing is that usually you make some of the money back on the 1st day - the OTO -

so if you spend $500 and get back $300 on the first day - then you can now invest another $300 the first month.

Then you get $200 from that and reinvest that - and now you are up to $900 the first month with just daily reinvestment.


Ok, the next 2 roadblocks:


3) products - if you don't know how to create products . . . you gotta learn!

It's easy: write an outline.

Sit down for one hour and have someone that cares about you (your wife, your son, your dog) read the lines in the outline as if they are questions.

You respond by answering their questions - just as if you were in a coffeeshop answering their questions.

one hour later you have your first 1 hour product.

Write a sales letter.

Done. You have a product.

One a week.



4) So that leaves traffic.


And frankly, deep down inside, that's why you are here, right?

Cause you want to see how I'm gonna do it, how I'm gonna have 3,000 - 5,000 subs in one month.


So I'm going to give you the bones, the skeleton of how it's going to work.

To make this easy, I'm going to throw around some numbers -

They are guesstimates, etc. - but the concept will be solid.

I hope you understand, and that that's okay :-)

I'm gonna give it to you the way I see it, from MY scale.

You can scale it up or down for you.

First off, I'm going to invest likely about $3000 or so in "clicks" to solo ad providers, which should yield about 5000 clicks and about 1500 new subscribers (keeping me at $2 a sub, you can do the rest of the math)

That's at 30% conversion.

On my first test with about 300 clicks, I'm at about 20% conversion on a really basic squeeze page, so I'm fairly confident of hitting 30%


Now, I could stop there (and for those of you who may be following along in my "watch me" training, that's where it stops!)

But I have more things to leverage:

1) the big giveaway with Carolyn Hansen - Big Giveaway with Carolyn

Note: I've done it before, several times, so I have experience. Experience is huge. I am hoping to give YOU the benefit of MY experience, especially if I do a class -

The way a giveaway works is that a whole bunch of people contribute "gifts" (hence, giveaway!) and let's say 100 people contribute gifts, there are 100 gifts.

And when someone accesses your gift, they have to give their name and email (aka: join your list) in order to download the gift. So that's how YOU get leads from the giveaway.

But how to rank them?

So each person who contributes is asked to send visitors to the giveaway, and as those visitors join the giveaway, the person with the most "joiners" has their gift ranked highest, the next person, the next highest.


Now, guess who gets the MOST gift downloads?

The FIRST gift!

So the person with the LAST gift might send 50 visitors but only get 5 new subscribers.

But the FIRST person might send 500 visitors but get 1000 leads!


So . . . the KEY is to get as many visitors as possible the FIRST day (and the 2nd and so on)

But the key is the faster you are on the first page (like top 10) the MORE subs you'll get!


That is the FIRST KEY.

Write it down.

Burn it into your memory.

If you learn NOTHING else from me in this project- this is gold.


Now there is 2nd key:


Imagine if instead of having 1 gift (let's say, spot 4), and someone else has spot 5 and someone else has spot 6, imagine if you have spots 4,5, and 6

Since not everyone will download everything, but the more gifts you have one page 1, the more gifts you can give away and the more subs you can get EVEN THOUGH YOU ONLY SEND THE SAME NUMBER OF VISITORS!

You see, if you are #2 in visitors, you get the #4, #5 AND #6 spots for it!

It's triple the exposure.


So in order to be able to submit 3 gifts instead of 1, you MUST upgrade your membership from free to the paid version when you sign up (or login to your giveaway account and click upgrade)


So the 2nd KEY is 3 gifts not 1


Hopefully by now, you are seeing the power of this.


You are seeing how it works.


Maybe you are thinking, ok, how can I leverage this?

There are many, many advanced techniques to this, but I'm not going to spill all the beans yet :-)

But imagine if you were to buy a solo ad on day 1, just to get some extra traffic to the giveaway the first day?

What if you were to write an article and have it on page one in your favorite 3rd party website?

What if you were to do a big facebook blast that day?

Those are just ideas, there are many more ways to do this, many ways to leverage the traffic you get, ways to bank traffic before the day - but I'll get to that later.


Now, imagine if you can get 200, 300 new subs just from the giveaway, not just from buying solos?

Also imagine you were to push your facebook and linkedin contacts to become subs and to invite others who really need what you have?

What if you were to use retargeting on all your solo ad pages so that the 70% who DON'T optin can get exposed on the big day of the giveaway?


And remember, I talked about if I did a class, let's say 50 people enrolled, and let's say 50 people all go out and get 500 subs through solos and each get 300 subs through the giveaway and each get another 200 subs any other way -

so they each have 1000 subs after a month

Now, what if you could do an email swap with some of them with whom you develop a trust relationship, and you mail your list and you send them 100 subs and they do the same for you, and they send you 100 subs and you do this with 20 of the group and you get 2000 subs from these joint trust-based relationships to add to your initial 1000?


So hopefully at this point you are getting some clarity about how this works.

And perhaps you are saying, nope, I don't like this, that's okay.

And maybe you are thinking, these ideas are really cool, I'm going to start TODAY and I don't really want to participate in a class to learn more, and I really don't want to get to know anyone else who has jumped through 2 hoops with me and I don't want to get involved in a group or work with Sean any closer.

And that's okay.

But if you are thinking, yes, I like this, and not only do I like this, but I think you should do this, you should offer a class to take this to the next level -

shoot me an email -

just copy and paste the following questions with your answers:

1) should I do a class?

If so, what should I teach (3 things)

2) should I do a closed door group, only open to people who have gone through the hoops?

If so, what would be the best part about it?

3) After reading this latest letter, are you LESS excited about how you can super-start your contribution to the world and create a profitable platform or are you MORE excited to super-start your contribution to the world and create a profitable platform?

4) Anything else you want to say?


I'm excited to see your answers (this is hoop 2)

On the other side,





Sean Mize